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You know the feeling. You're out for a walk or watching your kids' soccer game when nature calls. The only thing around -- a portable toilet. You would rather hold it than brave the cramped box. Now, a new invention by Earl Braxton, of Utica, may give you a reason to want to use the nearest porta-john.

The Comfort Station is a miniature version of a home bathroom, according to HOUR Detroit Magazine. The toilet actually flushes and comes equipped with a small sink. The stations also use water instead of the blue chemical solution.

According to HOUR, the Braxtons take the Comfort Stations to festivals for use. They set them up next to the traditional portable toilets and offer a choice. Brave the old ones, or pay $1 to use a Comfort Station. The magazine said the stations are selling like ice cream on a hot day.

Braxton told HOUR that the stations can go anywhere, but do require a water source and enough room to set up the holding tank into which the toilets flush.

According to, the stations can use garden hoses for a water source.

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