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Interdiction of Pharmaceuticals in the Ecosystem

We have developed and patented proprietary technology that is a method of interdiction which harvests catalytic or non-catalytic pharmaceutical agents from human wastes before they enter the eco-system.

Patent Number is #6,317,900

Process Accomplishments:

Interdiction of pharmaceuticals before they enter the eco-system

  • Reduces litigation exposure
  • Improves water and air quality
  • Allows for the recovery and recycling of pharmaceuticals
  • Cost Effective
  • Achieves Economies of Scale
  • Enhances Public Perception of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The technology generally includes the use of a portable waste containment unit configured to serve as a toilet for an individual who has been treated with a pharmaceutical agent. The waste containment unit is preferably configured as a self-contained unit with a separate removable reservoir, such that it is capable of being sealed for transporting as a unit to a facility where human wastes contained within the waste containment unit or its separate reservoir can be appropriately segregated and processed. An outer, upper surface of the waste containment unit forms a seat equipped with a cover for sealing the waste containment unit. The waste containment unit includes a reservoir whose capacity is preferably sufficient to hold human waste produced over an approximate period in which pharmaceuticals and their metabolized byproducts are typically eliminated from the body of an individual.

The waste containment unit will be of different configurations to fit the patients' needs in the hospital, in the home, and for use while the patient is mobile and being treated as an outpatient.

The purpose of the different types of waste containment units is to interdict the pharmaceuticals before they enter the eco-system through a municipal sewage system or a septic tank system.

The Company will utilize an existing portable sanitation franchise operation to place the Waste Collection Units {(WCU's) patent pending} in hospitals and with outpatients and subsequently pick up the WCU's according to directions. This will be a substantial profit center for the Company.

The Company, upon receiving the WCU's, will then segregate the waste by pharmaceutical product and utilize current FDA approved methods of processing to properly dispose of or reclaim the product for remarketing.

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