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Interest in any part or all of this business will be welcomed. We hope that this communication interests you in a way that will prove mutually beneficial. If you have questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us by E-Mail: info@toilets.com or fax us at 1-586-731-2616.
We have a proprietary method of harvesting toxic pharmaceuticals from the excreta of patients being treated with toxic oncology and other drugs in hospitals and homes in the USA. We are recovering, disposing, and recycling these toxic drugs. It is our wish to enter into cooperative ventures throughout the world to obtain regulatory approvals for the production and marketing of the recovered drugs.


  1. Toxic Pharmaceutical Disposal and Recovery (patent #6,317,900).
  2. Rental of "Waste Containment Units" (WCU's) to Hospitals and Outpatient Clinics.
  3. Disposal and Remarketing of the Toxic Pharmaceuticals.

The purpose of PI is to utilize its proprietary technology (patent pending) to collect, and to dispose and/or recycle, human sourced toxic pharmaceuticals. PI will utilize an existing portable sanitation dealer network to begin the recovery of toxic drugs. The catalytic toxic drugs recovered from the "Waste Contamination Units" rented to hospitals will be repurified and sold to the highest bidder. We presently have several large hospital waste disposal companies interested in collecting and processing the toxic drugs harvested through the toxic drug recovery concept.

A Partial List of the Toxic Oncology Drugs Secreted in Human Waste

Bleomycin excreted in urine 72 hrs. 50% in 1st day
Hydroxyurea excreted in urine
Busulfan excreted in urine 12-24 hrs.
Ifosfamide excreted in urine 48 hrs.
Carboplatin excreted in urine 24 to 48 hrs.
Limustine excreted principally in the urine
Carmustine excreted in the urine over 96 hrs.
Mechlorethamine hydrochloride excreted in urine in 48 hrs.
Chlorambucil excreted in urine in 48 hrs.
Cistplatin excreted in urine in 7 days
Megestrol Acetate excreted in urine 57-78%
Citrate excreted in feces and urine
Melphalan excreted in urine 48 hrs.
Mercaptopurine excreted in urine in 72 hrs.
Cyclophosphamide excreted in urine 72 hrs. (i.v.)
Methotrexate excreted in the urine 72 hrs.
Mitomycin excreted in urine first day
Cytarabine hydrochloride excreted in the urine within 1st day
Mitoxantrone-Hydrochloride excreted in urine
Dacarbazine excreted in the urine 30-46% within 6 hrs.
Plicamycin excreted in urine 40% in 15 hrs.
Dactinomycin excreted in urine in 5 days 20% in first 24 hrs.
Tamoxifen Research not completed
Daunorubicin excreted in feces 7 days 48 hrs.
Thiotepa excreted in urine in 72 hrs.
Doxorubicin excreted in feces 7 days urine 6 days
Thioguanine excreted in urine in 72 hrs.
Epirubicin Hydo excreted in urine 7 days and feces 5 days
Streptozocin excreted principally in urine
Etoposide excreted in urine in 4 days feces in 7 days
Vincristine sulfate excreted in urine 4 days
Fluorouracil excreted in urine in 48 hrs.
Vinblastine Sulfate excreted in urine 4 days
Floxuridine excreted in the urine
Hydrochloride 60% excreted in urine 40% in feces

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