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Cromwell Centre
Essex CM8 3BZ
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Fax: +44 (0)207 6917518
Email: Sales@mobileloo.co.uk

Mobileloo.com Ltd is a new and innovating company that is dedicated to
producing equipment that meets and exceeds the market needs and is alone in
demanding that the products sold are superior to others.

Mobileloo.com Ltd has been positioned in the market to supply existing and new
businesses and is supported by one of the biggest names in the world wide
portable toilet industry.

Mobileloo.com Ltd offers the world famous patented folding portable toilet
Porta John® that creates storage saving and increased number of toilets shipped
per vehicle due to its unique folding capabilities. Giving the owner a cost
advantage over their competitors.

Mobileloo.com Ltd offers the world famous Porta John® Comfort station, a unique
fresh water ground level portable toilet that is also available in a handicap
unit version.

Mobileloo.com Ltd offers shower units in single and handicap versions as well
as eye wash stations, wash stations, dry toilets, holding tanks, pumping
systems, special built blocks of toilets and combination units plus all the
companion products

Mobileloo.com Ltd USA partner has had a long and successful history in the
industry and has supported many world famous events. The Atlanta Olympic Games
was one of the highlights as they were the main contractor for the complete
games. They have also been involved in large open air events such as the New
Orleans Mardi Gras for the last 15 years, as well as a number of natural
disaster relief operations

Mobileloo.com Ltd is interested in helping companies get started in the
industry, with a package of portable toilets, wash stations, pumping systems,
etc., plus we will train you on how to operate in this industry. With our vast
web domain list of recognised names from www.mobileloo.com to
www.disasterrelief.com we can also give you many rental leads.
Please contact us at info@mobileloo.co.uk